Questions Answered On International Removals
05 December 2014
Before embarking on an international relocation you may have a number of questions such as, how long with the move take? What will it cost and what do I need? Actually let’s begin with most frequently asked question by apprehensive movers… Where on earth do I start! International moves can be so complex and more than just a little stressful, but hopefully this Q&A will answer some of your questions and help you on that smooth road to a successful relocation abroad!Where do I begin?You need to being with compiling a moving checklist. Decide what belongings you’re taking with you and what you’re leaving behind. Next find an affordable quotation from a removal company. It’s probably best to let the professionals do the packing to avoid damage to your fragile items! Sort out all you personal and professional matters before leaving and then set a moving date!How long will it take?Unfortunately there’s no one answer to this question. The answer will depend on where you are relocating to. If you’re moving to another European country and hiring your own moving van through a professional removal company then you could expect their arrival in just a few days time. However if your belongings fail to fill an entire removal van, then the movers will wait until the van fills up before departing. This does constitute a cheap removals option, but you will have to wait weeks for your valuables to arrive! For islands in the EU, like Malta or Cyprus, your belongings will be sent via sea freight and containers can take up to 8 weeks to arrive! International consignments crossing the Atlantic can take up to three months by ship!What will all this cost?There is no set cost when it comes to moving… it all depends on what removal service you select and which moving company you go with. Prices can really vary! If shipping your belongings, removal companies charge by estimating the cubic feet of your items and don’t go by weight. Price will vary depending on the amount of space your belongings take up in a container. If you choose to send your items via airfreight (rarely done) you will pay tooth and nail for this! While you will receive your items much faster that by sea freight it costs an absolute fortune! So think twice before you do this. Most removal companies don’t even offer this service!It may surprise you to learn that moving to a European country like France or Spain can prove just as expensive as to an international location. This is because you’ll be paying the house movers to drive your belongings in their removal vans. A really good tip when speaking to moving companies is try and haggle. Get the lowest price you can! There are rarely set prices, for it depends on the bulk of your belongings and where you’re moving to.There may be some additional costs to consider when compiling your moving checklist.  You’ll need to pay for transit insurance as damage can often occur when carrying out moving furniture across such vast distances! If you’re moving to a rather remote or difficult to reach location, you may have to pay to have your belongings transferred onto a smaller van. Consider extra costs if you’re moving to a top floor flat with no lift and narrow stairs. Check whether you need to obtain parking permit for the moving truck or van on delivery day! Also consider the distance of your new residence from the port. The further the distance, the more you will be asked to pay!

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