Fiona 22 May 2024
The team at Movers Croydon exhibited superb customer service skills during our move through their polite, courteous, and efficient approach. Not only that, but they also helped us find our beloved cat, proving their dedication to providing top-notch service.
Aaron M. 17 Apr 2024
I highly recommend these movers for their exceptional service!
Lucy D. 27 Mar 2024
Our move would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the team at Moving Firm.
M. Forde 11 Mar 2024
Thanks to Removal Company, I never have to worry about unreliable or unprofessional moving companies again.
Alistair Geddes 28 Feb 2024
The communication from CroydonRemovals kept me at ease throughout my entire move.
Russell Dionne 11 Feb 2024
I am so grateful to this moving company for their efficient and careful work during my recent relocation. They were timely, professional, and detail-oriented.
Tina S. 01 Feb 2024
My trust in Movers Croydon has only grown stronger with every move I have had with them - their consistency in being on time and fully equipped is unmatched.
Paul 22 Jan 2024
Our experience with the moving team couldn't have been better- they showed excellent manners and kept everything organized during the process. Their availability on a day like Sunday made all the difference.
Tyler W. 20 Jun 2023
These movers were exemplary - their timing was spot on and their efficiency infallible; also, they maintained a mannerly attitude from start to finish. Of note, the packing of furniture was perfect in every way.
Ronald Butcher 05 Apr 2023
Absolutely delighted with the remarkable removal services of Moving Firm - their prices are unbeatable too!
Helen Williams 10 Feb 2023
Our usage of Removals for our required 2 office moves this past year could not have been better; their pricing was unbeatable and their level of honesty and support has been exemplary from the start.
Lisa 27 Jan 2023
We recently had cause to use Movers Croydon as part of our house move, which unfortunately ended up running late until 3pm due to some difficulties in processing things at the other end. However, the team reacted really well despite the challenge, managing communications excellently while also giving us a great deal overall - definitely worth using again (and recommending!)
Lauren H. 08 Dec 2017
Removals dealt with my domestic removals task in a professional manner. There was a lot to do, but the team were speedy, professional and efficient. A great overall service.
Frank O. 15 Mar 2017
Moving Firm is the only company I count on for removals at low costs.
Norma Edwards 18 Jul 2016
I have just got my flat sorted after moving here and I wanted to thank CroydonRemovals as soon as possible. I hired them for my student move and they did great work for me. They made sure all of my things were packed safely and that everything could be taken without any problems. They carried all my boxes inside and had things done quickly.
Paul Norton 22 Mar 2016
Moving Croydon were a great help with my recent move. Their man with van hire made it easy for me to get the help I needed. Things were shifted and transported without any problem, so I have to let everyone know about the good job they did for me.
Gregory Carter 27 May 2015
I was assured that Movers could help my firm relocate to our new offices so I hired them without delay. They did the work I expected, from packing to transportation, so the move was fully covered. The removal process was swift and there were no problems. A useful service I shall definitely use again.
Martin H. 03 Dec 2014
I hired them on my boyfriend's recommendation and I am so glad I did! They gave such an excellent service during the move, not only packing and loading my stuff safely and securely, but also helping me to arrange my stuff alongside my boyfriend's in his home. That was a lot of additional moving around to do, something they went out of their way to do. I am definitely going to recommend CroydonRemovals happily to everyone I know!
Alison W. 07 Oct 2014
I love, love, love CroydonRemovals and their removal services! They've helped me out a few times now, and I recently used their man and van service to help me with my daughter's house move. This company is really professional and their prices are very reasonable. Friendly staff that are really dedicated, a great range of service. Perfect if you're moving and need help, I can't recommend them enough!
P.Simpson 10 Sep 2014
When my daughter moved house with her husband, we didn't really have the resources and know-how to help her through it all. We suggested hiring professionals. So they did and they picked a good company known as CroydonRemovals. This company, I admit, is just brilliant. The team is so reliable and hard working. We couldn't believe our luck! My daughter and son in law's move was splendid in the end so it all worked out well!
Michelle Ross 07 Jul 2014
I am very much the kind of person that will hunt for a little extra time to get a bargain, and that is exactly what we got with our domestic removals company. CroydonRemovals were the find of the century, and when I found out how cheap they were I was shocked! Luckily the resulting move was still as successful as I needed it to be, and the job was done with ease and precision, nothing broken, and nothing to worry about! A great job all in all, and an easy time had by the whole family.
Hassan 02 Jun 2014
Moving office is extremely stressful, the amount of sorting out that had to be done was unreal for us, and whilst trying to manage this we still had to carry on working a normal day. After attempting to do it all alone and struggling immensely we accepted defeat and gave in, we needed some help and so we hired the packing service directly from the removal company called CroydonRemovals. They were a massive help to us, they work tirelessly to get the job done for you and they always maintain a professional approach, it undoubtedly worked in our favour!
Carl Hammer 13 May 2014
Moving house is never easy. There's always some kind of stress that goes with it. That's why CroydonRemovals made my whole, entire move so much easier and simpler. It really was a godsend when I found this amazing company - they are excellent! I can't recommend them enough! I really can't, so make sure that if you need help with moving, you hire these guys. I couldn't be happier. Moving was much easier having this professional company on side. I'd most definitely hire them again.
Michelle H. 29 Apr 2014
If you're after a great moving experience, then there is only one company who I would call. I spent a long time trying to narrow it down to the right firm for me and it was only after I found CroydonRemovals that I knew right then that I had found the best one. They were able to combine price, expertise and the right services in such a manner that it all seemed incredibly simple. And come the day of the move, they really delivered and I can't thank them enough for making my moving experience so, so easy.
S. Clark 15 Apr 2014
In another life, I will never move house. However, in this one, I seem to be moving constantly, and it does get rather boring at points! If you are sick of tiring and stressful moves, then take my advice on hiring CroydonRemovals for your next one, as they really do give you the value for money that you need to have a decent but calm removal. I say calm in a loose way, as moving house is never anything but fraught, but this lot really did ensure that everything was well cared for and that nothing got broken, so there was no reason to be stressed out by it all!
Josh P. 03 Apr 2014
When I needed a removal company for my house move CroydonRemovals weren't the first company that I contacted, but they were certainly the most impressive! I did a lot of research online and make a short-list of companies I thought would suit my needs, but only this company managed to wow me with their range of services and professional servicemen! I hired a man with a van for my house move and it was the best decision I think I could have made! What would have been a stressful and long day was quick and easy, and with such excellent prices what more could you possibly ask for?
Gary Torres 19 Mar 2014
There's not many better feelings than looking back over a service and knowing that you got a great deal. When it came to moving home, we were certain that everything would be nothing but stress. Expensive stress. So you can imagine our delight when we were looking back over the move from the comfort of our new home and we could find nothing which could have been done better. The whole team at CroydonRemovals were really great, really experienced and provided everything at a really great price. Nothing I would have done differently and I'm happy with the deal we got.
Bill L. 19 Feb 2014
It is so nice to have finally found some decent self-storage thank to CroydonRemovals. Over the past three years we have moved unit half-a-dozen times because of various issues with other providers. They either raise prices, access is difficult or in one case our unit actually leaked! Well we have been with CroydonRemovals around six months now and everything is proceeding smoothly, which really does come as a breath of fresh air. They are helpful, accommodating and importantly priced right. If all keeps going this well then we will be with them for a long long time.
Samantha 28 Jan 2014
Getting a notice to move is no joke when you are the owner of a large business with more than 100 office workers. I needed to find not only a new premises but also a moving company who could successfully handle all the aspects of my employee relocations. I needed someone who would be able to move me within a couple of hours and have the entire removals services finalized before close of business on the same day. This is precisely what I encountered with CroydonRemovals. They have all the equipment and knowledge to get these larger moves done in no time at all. Plus, they were well within my budget.
Jose D. 09 Jan 2014
I was super happy with how the move went with CroydonRemovals the team were really fun to hang out with as well as getting the job done in a really quick and easy fashion! There is not a lot more that I could ask of a removals company, bar a great service, good manners and a decent price for decent work, which is exactly what I got. They are basically a good honest company, who will get you moved in an easy and reliable way! If you think that's what you need then I would recommend that you give them a call, as they will probably be booking up fast!
Rachel 19 Dec 2013
I was pressured to get my home moved fast. I am a busy professional and don't have the time to finish it myself. I called CroydonRemovals after a referral from a friend. She claimed that they provided quick and reliable service, so I was willing to give them a try. I was reluctant at first, but they turned out to be a reliable and efficient company. They were able to complete the packing process in no time. This really saved me a lot of stress and energy. I was able to focus on my professional life while being rest assured that the packing job was going smoothly.
Emmett G. 05 Dec 2013
Knowing that I had a huge amount to do before I could move, I decided to get a removals company in who were equipped to get things sorted all the way through the move process. You tend to find that these teams have their strengths and weaknesses, but with CroydonRemovals I found only strengths! They were great in aiding me with the planning, as well as having a good packing service. On the actual move everything was simple and easy, as they were so organized, which meant I didn't have to miss any work, and could happily settle in at the new place knowing everything was sorted!
Gerald H. 13 Nov 2013
Moving house is really difficult, both in terms of the sheer volume of stuff that needs to be moved, and the organization of it all. I don't really know how I would have done it without the help of CroydonRemovals, as they were absolutely amazing! Making me feel relaxed about such a large operation that involves so many delicate things is no easy task, but they managed it somehow, and the whole move went really smoothly! No damages, and no fuss, just a simple process with very little to complain about. A great bit of work, thanks guys!
Janice Locklear 30 Oct 2013
Moving house is blooming terrifying! Who knew that loading stuff in to a van could be such a lot of trouble? We had CroydonRemovals helping us out, and it was a real relief to have such a professional but friendly bunch on board with us. I'd have not known where to start with it all if I'd been on my own, but the team made it clear as to what needed doing from the outset, and I was suitably impressed with the way in which they handled the move itself, everything was safe and easy.
J. Whiteman 16 Oct 2013
I know that it has been said before, and I do not want to gush, but THANK YOU!! Everyone at CroydonRemovals made out lives a lot more relaxed and a whole load easier. The team were excellent at their jobs, and were great with the kids, dogs, rabbit and everyone else who may be living under our roof! A job well done, and a great price, so excellent value for money, it really made the whole thing a lot easier for everyone. If anyone is after a good removals company, you have found them right here!